Unilevel Multi Level Marketing [MLM] e Pin Plan

Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan with an e-pin system is a specific type of multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan that is often used in network marketing businesses. It is typically implemented using WordPress or other content management systems for online management and tracking of the MLM network.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components of the Unilevel MLM plan with an e-pin system:

  1. Unilevel MLM Plan: The Unilevel MLM plan is a simple and straightforward compensation structure where you recruit a downline of distributors, and they are placed on your front-line. There are no width limitations in this plan, meaning you can recruit as many people as you want on your first level, and each of them can do the same. Commissions are typically paid on a specified number of levels deep in your organization.
  2. E-pin System: An e-pin system is a digital method for managing and tracking the distribution and activation of PIN codes or electronic vouchers. In the context of MLM, e-pins are often used for various purposes, such as product purchases, enrollment fees, or rank advancements. Distributors can purchase e-pins, and these pins can be used for different transactions within the MLM system.
  3. WordPress Integration: WordPress is a popular content management system that can be customized and extended to support various functions, including MLM software. In the context of Unilevel MLM with an e-pin system, WordPress can be used to create a website or portal where distributors can log in, manage their accounts, purchase e-pins, track their downline, and view their commissions.

Here’s how the system typically works:

  • Distributors join the MLM program and may need to purchase e-pins for enrollment or product purchases.
  • They recruit new distributors into their downline, who in turn may need to purchase e-pins for enrollment or other purposes.
  • Commissions and bonuses are calculated based on the sales and recruitment activity within the distributor’s organization up to a certain number of levels deep in the Unilevel structure.
  • The e-pin system helps track and verify transactions, ensuring that commissions and bonuses are properly calculated and paid out.
  • The WordPress platform serves as the user interface and back-end system for managing distributor accounts, transactions, and reporting.

It’s important to note that MLM businesses and compensation plans can vary significantly in their details, rules, and legality in different regions. Before getting involved in or starting an MLM business, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the specific MLM plan, ensure it complies with local regulations, and consider the ethical and financial implications associated with MLM opportunities.

Free Demo – Unilevel MLM ePin System

Admin Details

Username: umpadmin@test.com

Password: admin@1234

User Details ( Frontend )

Username: rootuser

Password: user@1234

Feature of Unilevel MLm Plan

  • EARNINGS Commission
  • Request For ePin
  • Genealogy
  • Affiliate or Referral Commission
  • Join Commission
  • Regular Bonus
  • Royalty Bonus

Unilevel Mlm Business ( E-Pin System ) – Website Development

Unilevel MLM plan with an e-pin system on WordPress is a complex task that typically involves custom development or the use of specialized MLM software plugins. Below, I’ll outline the key components and functionalities you would need to set up a Unilevel MLM plan with an e-pin system on a WordPress website, including affiliate or referrals, joining, level commission, regular bonuses, and royalty bonuses:

  1. MLM Plugin Integration:
  2. User Registration and Affiliate Sign-Up:
  3. E-pin System Integration:
  4. Unilevel MLM Structure
  5. Level Commissions
  6. Regular Bonuses
  7. Royalty Bonuses
  8. Dashboard and Reporting
  9. Payment Integration
  10. Security and Compliance
  11. Testing
  12. Training and Support

Dashboard of Unilevel Mlm Plan


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